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Thousands of meeting organizers trust Array® to create remarkable, engaging meeting experiences with sustained impact. Take a dive under the hood of our all-in-one audience engagement and meeting analytics platform.


See how your audience members can:


Check 100 x 100 Send questions to the presenter
Check 100 x 100  Respond to live polling and surveys
Check 100 x 100 Play games
Check 100 x 100 Take notes directly on slides
Check 100 x 100 Save slides, notes, and resources
Check 100 x 100 Rate slides


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Drive Meeting Value and Return on Engagement with Array


Capture every click and action, from scoring slides to taking notes. Powered by Array Hub, our built-in meeting analytics, you’ll gain actionable insights to:


Check 100 x 100 Understand your content's impact on your audience
Check 100 x 100  Produce new, compelling content
Check 100 x 100 Integrate audience programming into your CRM
Check 100 x 100 Provide targeted follow-up to reinforce learning
Check 100 x 100 Enable sales effectiveness

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We are live meeting technology visionaries committed to ushering in next generation engagement and analytics. 

If you can dream it, we can do it. Our team of highly motivated innovators are constantly pushing the envelope to create new experiences for you and your audience. 

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